If you have Metal Halide or T5 fluorescent on your aquarium, we'd recommend you seriously consider switching to the latest generation of LED lights.

  • LED's last for a minimum of 5 years.
  • An LED rated at 30,000 hours, operated 12 hours per day will last around 7 years. Metal halide and T5's need replacing annually.
  • LED's consume 60 to 70% less energy - a huge saving.
  • Much less unwanted heat is generated by LED's.
  • With an LED controller the light is dimmable and colour variation is so simple.
  • LED's are brilliant for bringing-out the colour of your fish and particularly beneficial for coral in a marine aquarium.

A sparkling clean, well dressed aquarium is a joy to the eye - especially when it's home to spectacular and healthy fish.
However, if you are not entirely happy with your set-up and would welcome a little (or a lot) of expert help in achieving and maintaining a perfect aquarium - then do consider our AQUARIUM CARE service.
We introduced the service following long experience with aquarium customers who struggled to 'get it right' or just needed a helping hand to achieve the desired result.
AQUARIUM CARE can address some or all of the following:
  • FILTRATION cleaning & maintenance - tackled on a regular or one-off basis, making a big difference to water clarity and balance. It can be done on-site or alternatively an aquarium filter brought to our shop can be turned-around, good as new, in just 1 to 2 hours seven days a week.
  • WATER ANALYSIS of samples taken from the aquarium to check PH, ammonia, nitrate levels are correct. If they're not, a partial or total water change may be undertaken.
  • PUMP moving parts are de-scaled and the pump thoroughly cleaned.
  • LIGHTING  bulbs examined to ensure they are effective and, depending on the species of fish and the planting, consider the colour and very big energy savings of LED alternatives.
  • GRAVEL/SAND washed or replaced.
  • GLASS left crystal clear
  • may be of interest.

Struggling with algae?

We recommend you always use RO (reverse osmosis) water for your partial water changes. When followed by the introduction of a small phosphate remover (eg.' Eheim Phosphate Out ' ), your algae will find it very difficult to survive.

We keep 1,000 litres in stock and provide containers to those customers without their own. We also stock salted RO water precisely formulated for marine aquariums.

Call Andy or Dan on 01284 756096 for a more detailed explanation.

A beautifully dressed and well-stocked tropical aquarium



Take a look at this video. This is just one of the recently completed pond installations carried out by expert landscapers W. Jarvis & Son in collaboration with us. This one is in Stanningfield Suffolk.
We are happy to quote if you're interested in a simple pond installation or a complete garden makeover.


If you don't have an Ultra-violet lamp in your system - you really should

The main function of the UV bulb in your pond filtration system is to kill - off parasites in the water and those cells which multiply in the sunlight causing the water to turn green.

It's very important that your UV bulb is NO MORE than 12 months old since its performance degrades markedly after this time.

Other key factors in ensuring a clear water pond are:
Regularly cleaned or replaced filter media.
Correctly sized pump for the volume of water to be circulated.
A selection of plants that oxygenate the water and help to limit algae growth.
Any further advice : call our PONDCARE  service on 01284 756096
Alternatively, go to : - where you will find a detailed water analysis process using Oase Professional Water Analysis set or Quick Sticks.


Most aquatic plants come with a small planting basket.
Bearing in mind some species like lilies and irises outgrow the basket they're supplied in quite quickly, it's worth considering re-planting them into a larger basket before positioning them in the pond. This will avoid plants becoming pot-bound and it will save you a job next year. Planting baskets are available from 0.5 litre to 30 litre.
It's best to line your baskets with hession which prevents the compost leeching into the pond and gives plant roots a surface to grip on.
We recommend the use of aquatic compost (not ordinary garden type) ideally with an application of aquatic fertiliser such as JBL Florapond and finally, cover the basket surface with about 2cms of natural gravel which will give taller species greater stability on windy days whilst detering fish from digging in the compost looking for food.

Colourful water lilies


White lilies Yellow


For those of you keen to get involved in fish-keeping but have limited space in which to accomodate an aquarium, we suggest you take a look at the Biorb range
Beautifully engineered, these acrylic aquariums come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are suitable for coldwater, tropical and marine fish.
They come complete with filter, thermostat, pump and LED light and a whole range of accessories capable of producing a stunning focus in any environment.
Seeing is believing so why not call in the shop?


Dan and the team have been extremely helpful with expert advice and time;from the moment we walked in the shop we knew this was the place to purchase our aquarium.
We were not pressurised into buying but were seriously impressed with the fountain of knowledge.
We've just introduced the first batch of fish and we know the team will be with us all the way with support and advice.
Fabulous customer service.
Jamie Cocksedge
Bury St. Edmunds


By far the best fish & Aquatics shop in the area.
Very friendly and knowledgable staff always happy to help.
On top of being my tropical fish supplier they are also fantastic at outdoor ponds.
Would recommend them all day long.
Mark Saunders





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