Fish - that is.

And the choice is enormous. Coldwater, Tropical and Marine species for ponds and aquariums. Some needing substantial space to thrive; others deliriously happy in a goldfish bowl, small garden pond or table-top aquarium.

It's clearly not possible to cover the complete offering here but the following should provide a brief insight for those not already 'expert'.

If you're about to make fish choices and would like further guidance for example on water quality/temperature, lighting filtration, treatments, feeding and so on - do please pop in the shop or call us on 01284 756096 - we'll be delighted to help.


The most popular species tend to be:

  • Goldfish family including Shubunkins and Canary Yellows.
  • Koi
  • Orfe
  • Tench
  • Rudd

Some of the smaller varieties can be equally at home in an unheated freshwater aquarium or a pond.

Usually between March and October these fish, in a pond, will be very active and visible. However in the winter when the water temperature falls below 10 degs C they tend to inhabit the pond bottom where the water is slightly less cold.

Koi (Carp) can grow to 1metre or more in length if given the space, so the size and depth of the pond is a key consideration.


A fabulous selection awaits you here and provided the size of your aquarium is appropriate to the fish population and the water quality and temperature are correctly set and maintained - the visual result can be simply stunning.

Amongst the most attractive and popular species are:

  • Neon Tetras. Platies.
  • Harlequin Rasboras.
  • Honey Gouramis.
  • White Clouds.
  • Fancy Guppies. Corydoras Catfish. Swordtails. Sharks.
  • These varieties are compatible and will live happily in the same aquarium.

Great care is recommended when considering 'aggressive' species such as Pirahna, Red Zebra, Puffers and Pindani; they are interesting fish but are capable of attacking and eating more docile types.


Here again the choice is very wide and the range of exotic colours and markings is truly impressive.

Most popular species for saltwater environments include:

  • Anthias.
  • Angelfish.
  • Clownfish.
  • Lionfish.
  • Gobies.
  • Tangs.
  • Chromis. Anglers. Foxface and Invertebrates such as
  • Cleaner shrimps and Fireshrimp.

There's little doubt, a well-dressed Marine tank housing a variety of colourful saltwater tropical fish is a beautiful enhancement of any home or commercial premises.




Keeping them healthy, colourful and active

Nutritional balance is vital for our health and wellbeing and it's exactly the same for fish.
The wrong diet for your fish can result in weakened immune systems and exposure to pathogenic germs.
Those species which mainly feed on plants (eg Plecos, Clownloach) need food consisting mainly of plant components for - example JBL NovoVert, whereas fish such as most Cichlids preferring a predatory diet need food composed chiefly of fish meat and crustaceans.
For those enthusiasts having a community aquarium with both plant-eaters and predators it's very important to create a varied diet taking account of both species.
So, variety is important and fish feel and look better and their organisms becomes less susceptible to disease when not always fed with the same food. In fact we recommend you never give your fish the same food mornings and evenings but try including some 'treats' like JBL PlanktonPur or NovoFil.
Frozen food represents an excellent supplement which cannot transmit diseases. However, frozen food contains practically none of the vitamins so important for disease resistance and, when using frozen food, we strongly recommend adding vitamins twice a week with a supplement such as JBLAtvitol.
Another point to beware of is the vitamin deficiency which results from using food that's well past it's expiry date. Packaged food should be used within 3 months of opening - so it's often best to buy smaller containers to avoid this issue. And, since UV light destroys vitamins in most foods, always close the container securely and avoid using transparent storage.
Finally, It's thought that the main reason for fish mortality is over-feeding so you'll be doing your fish no favours feeding them too much or too often.


We stock all varieties


Many of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years - partly, we believe, because we stock healthy fish and top brand equipment but probably more important, we are absolutely dedicated to customer service, support and satisfaction

So, if you'd like to 'put a toe in the water' and get involved in this fabulous hobby - visit our shop, take a look at our fish and have a friendly chat to us about getting started. You'll never regret it.

Things customers say

Very many thanks to Alfie who came out to service and discover the reason our pond was losing water - a backfill problem so our liner did not need a repair.
He did an excellent job on cleaning out the pond which is now clear again and the fish seem happy.
Thoroughly recommend this young man who is a credit to the team.
Sylvia Nicoll
Bury St Edmunds,

We  went  into their shop not knowing what we needed to up-grade our existing tank, but Andy talked us through the options and explained everything to us very clearly. Dan was also very helpful and we cannot thank them enough as we now have a lovely aquarium set up in our home. Aftercare was also very good as we had a few questions about the installation and they even sent us some spare hose. So thank you guys very much.
Elizabeth Smith,
Hadley, Essex.

Second visit in 2 weeks. First for koi: this time Tropical. The staff's knowledge is second to none and quality/cleanliness is superb. Recommend 100% and often do.
Ian Bonham
June 2019

Very helpful. Beautiful fish. Professional operation.
Eddie Rock
June 2019



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