As a beautiful, calming and relaxing addition to your home decor - nothing quite compares with a colourful aquarium - inhabited by stunning fish and plants. And for the children especially, an aquarium, with freshwater, tropical or marine fish, is a valuable encounter with nature.

                               Juwel Vision 450


In practice an aquarium can be of any size but the most popular are in the 125 litre (3 foot) to 500 litre (5 foot) range. However, where space is an important consideration, small spheres, cylinders and cubes are available in the Biorb range. Most are constructed using toughened glass ( usually between 4mm and 12mm thick) though some use acrylic.

In making your choice, naturally you will take account of the space available and the number and species of fish you wish to keep.

The most familiar aquarium shape of course is the flat-faced rectangle, but now many models come with a bow front which is a very attractive feature. Models designed to fit in the corner of a room are also readily available. For those customers wanting a bespoke size/shape, we provide a design and construction service.

Cabinets in a multitude of colours and finishes are supplied for mounting the aquarium and these are great too for hiding things like external filters, fish food, treatments etc.

Of all the available aquarium brands we strongly favour those of Eheim and Juwel. They combine innovation in design and meticulous engineering with an extensive choice of models.


Fish-keeping is a wonderful and satisfying hobby but the health and welfare of your fish will always be of paramount importance. So, these days most aquariums come ready fitted with an appropriate filter (vital for the elimination of toxins in the water), heater (where needed) and lighting. Often customers wish to up-grade these by, for example, selecting LED lights that last much longer and use a fraction of the power.

Other options include UV sterilisers, automatic fish feeders and air pumps that deliver oxygen to the water


How you dress your aquarium is largely a matter of personal taste whilst bearing in mind the welfare of the fish. Sunken treasure chests and ships, are amongst the most popular as are natural pieces of mopani wood - excellent for producing a really natural look.

And perhaps most important - your chosen planting. We stock and recommend the Tropica range which offers a spectacular range of dazzling plants from around the world.


Whether you're interest lies in getting involved through a simple starter kit or the installation of a whopping aquarium, you will almost certainly want some advice - if only to ensure you get it right first time.
Well we are here to provide that advice and make sure you don't spend money unnecessarily on inappropriate products/material. And, since genuine customer service is our passion, we will support you throughout the project and beyond.

So, please give us a call ( 01284 756096) or better still call in the shop. You will be made very welcome.

Things customers say

We called in on Andy and Dan to see if they could help our young daughter                                          
make her fish-tank safe for her fish.   

They were so helpful and spent loads of time explaining to her how to set-up
a healthy aquarium and care for
her fish: they even gave her some gravel and water
from their own tanks to replace her unsafe combination.

These guys are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and they're
brilliant at teaching children.

Thank you so much Andy & Dan - fantastic service.
Sandra Swann,
Bury St. Edmunds


Great place. Always very helpful and knowledgeable people
Julia Wigley
July 2019


Great people. They don't try to make you spend lots of money.
Tracy Ellis
Bury St. Edmunds



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