Nothing enhances any size garden like a well maintained pond or water feature. A welcoming habitat for wildlife and a joy to the eye - especially when moving water and fish provide much welcome calm and tranquillity in an otherwise busy world. We have the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to present you with a stunning focal point of which you'll be very proud.


If you're contemplating the installation of a new pond but are a bit nervous about what's involved and the cost; relax. We will be happy to visit the site and make detailed proposals covering: location, size, shape, depth, planting, power provision and fish selection. When the specification is agreed we draw-up a fully detailed quotation - including, if required, construction. If on the other hand you prefer a DIY approach we will support you throughout the process and stay with you till everyone is delighted with the finished product.

Important too is the 7 - day on - going customer support which comes with every pond installation.

This service is available to both domestic and commercial customers and can involve from the most modest pond or aquatic feature to big floating fountains, waterfalls, skimmers and sophisticated filtration systems. However, most customers have a tight budget so we promise not to try and sell you more than you actually need.

Ideal for the DIY small - pond builder is the robust, plastic pre-formed liner. This illustration depicts a few of the many sizes and shapes available.
They can be delivered FREE OF CHARGE within a 20 mile radius of Bury St. Edmunds (includes Thetford, Stowmarket, Newmarket, Mildenhall, Needham Market, Sudbury).


Norfolk pond - before PondCare
Norfolk pond -after PondCare

An established, well maintained pond is a joy to behold. And it usually doesn't take a lot of effort to keep it looking good and the fish healthy. However when customers prefer not to get involved with pumps, filters, fountains, plant care and water quality control - we offer our unique PONDCARE service.
PONDCARE provides for scheduled or one-off site visits when our own experts undertake as much or as little maintenance as the customer requires. It often just involves filter cleaning or algae removal; sometimes a complete pond clean and water change is undertaken.
If you have a pond in need of professional TLC; give us a call, explain the issue and we'll be happy to make suggestions/recommendations over the phone or in the shop and then, if necessary, arrange a site visit.

PONDCARE in Action
These photographs are of a Norfolk customer's pond BEFORE and AFTER our PONDCARE visit.
Although the photos were taken 2 months apart, the water was actually completely clear in 3 days.
The problem in this case was that the filter installed was simply not appropriate to the volume of water in the pond so there was no chance the green could be eliminated. We specified and installed a  new Oase filter and the result is a crystal-clear pond with lots of happy fish - on view.



A crystal clear pond in which your fish are healthy, happy and visible is most 'pondies' ambition. It's not rocket science, but its achievement does depend quite a lot on your choice of hardware. Get that right and you're home and dry!

Here again the options are extensive: but the key components are the pump and the filter. If these are correctly sized for the volume of water to be processed and - well maintained, the results will likely be brilliant.There are other hardware possibilities like fountains, waterfalls, air pumps and surface skimmers which will produce a more elaborate finished installation.

Our long experience shows that well engineered, quality products such as those from market-leader Oase are , without doubt, the best long-term investment in this area.. We are the Regional Approved Installer and 5 Star Retailer for Oase with whom extended guarantees are the norm.

Call in the shop and we'll be pleased to demonstrate the Oase range. Or go to http://www.oase-livingwater.com - and then visit the shop.


One of the most pleasing visual aspects of a pond is, or certainly should be, the plants growing in and around it. Many varieties of course bear beautiful flowers in the spring/ summer; for example water lilies, iris and marsh marigolds. Others like bulrushes, grasses and water hawthorn provide colour, contrast and shade for the fish. Some species are planted at the pond bottom and reach up to the surface; others thrive in the shallow margins. It's worth noting that all pond plants ( not just the oxygenators ) contribute oxygen to the water whilst extracting unwanted nitrates from it. We stock and recommend the range from http://www.angloaquatic.co.uk together with everything you'll need to have a successful planting project .

A new FREE Pond Plant Guide is now available in store. Alternatively phone or email and we'll post a copy to you.


 Alfie from Home and Garden Aquatics came and cleaned my 5,000 ltr, which is filled with wildlife from newts to dragonfly larvae.
He was very careful to gently remove all the fish, water snails etc. He then drained the pond and after thoroughly cleaning it - replaced the water and the wildlife and replanted all my pond plants.
A big job expertly executed.
Alfie is a friendly and very knowledgable young man as are the shop staff who offer great advice.

Bury St. Edmunds
July 2019


 Dan has just spent a very hot few hours sorting out my garden pond that has had very little attention for about 15 years !
He did a brilliant job to drain it and clean it out completely, instal a new pump and filter and leave it in virtually new condition. He was very thorough and did an excellent job.

Peter Whitehead


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