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Whether you're unsure about something with your pond, fish or equipment, our team are here to help you get it right. We can also arrange a viewing at your home to discuss your project in full and provide a quotation for the service. We are here to provide that advice and make sure you don't spend money unnecessarily on inappropriate products/material. And, since genuine customer service is our passion, we will support you throughout the project and beyond. So, please give us a call ( 01284 756096) or better still call in the shop. You will be made very welcome


Pondcare in action

Pond Cleaning

Over the course of a year, waste and detritus can settle on the bottom of the pond, decaying away, leeching harmful ammonia and stripping the water of oxygen. This something which can’t be necessarily seen from the waters edge. Therefore, it is recommended that your pond is cleaned every year. This is a service that we offer and ensure that your wildlife and fish are kept in safe and healthy conditions.

Installation of Equipment

Our experts are at hand to install and maintain all pond equipment. To leave you stress free and focused on the best part, enjoying your pond for seasons to come. Our installation team are fully qualified so you can be rest assured that all your new equipment is installed and working correctly.


Throughout the changing seasons all equipment, filter and pumps work extremely hard so much so they require a 6 month or yearly service to ensure they perform at their very best. Our experts are fully trained to maintain your equipment.



A sparkling clean, well dressed aquarium is a joy to the eye - especially when it's home to spectacular and healthy fish. However, if you are not entirely happy with your set-up and would welcome a little (or a lot) of expert help in achieving and maintaining a perfect aquarium - then do consider our AQUARIUM CARE service.

We introduced the service following long experience with aquarium customers who struggled to 'get it right' or just needed a helping hand to achieve the desired result.

What does this service include?

  • FILTRATION - cleaning & maintenance - tackled on a regular or one-off basis, making a big difference to water clarity and balance. It can be done on-site or alternatively an aquarium filter brought to our shop can be turned-around, good as new, in just 1 to 2 hours seven days a week.
  • WATER ANALYSIS - of samples taken from the aquarium to check PH, ammonia, nitrate levels are correct. If they're not, a partial or total water change may be undertaken.
  • PUMP - moving parts are de-scaled and the pump thoroughly cleaned.
  • LIGHTING - bulbs examined to ensure they are effective and, depending on the species of fish and the planting, consider the colour and very big energy savings of LED alternatives.
  • GRAVEL/SAND - washed or replaced.

Aquarium Health

Struggling with algae?

We recommend you always use RO (reverse osmosis) water for your partial water changes. When followed by the introduction of a small phosphate remover (eg.' Eheim Phosphate Out'), your algae will find it very difficult to survive.

We keep 1,000 litres in stock and provide containers to those customers without their own. We also stock salted RO water precisely formulated for marine aquariums.


If you would like to enquire about a service that we provide or for any further guidance please visit our team in the shop or contact us using the links below .

Customer Reviews

A big 'thank you' to Dan and to your company for solving our water feature problems which various people, over the past few years, have failed to get working properly. He was knowledgable, efficient and courteous and we are delighted with the result.

Alan & Pippa Daniels

Andy is an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful gent and Dan came and did the set-up of my new aquarium. Can't say enough good things about how helpful they both were. Phenomenal customer service. Highly recommend.

Dan Chenery

We went to look at some preformed water courses and found virtually everything a pond owner's heart could desire. Great choice of very good quality products, also for fresh or saltwater aquariums combined with friendly, helpful and professional advice. We will definitely be back :-)

Kristina Rogers

Very many thanks to Alfie who came out to service and discover the reason our pond was losing water - a backfill problem so our liner did not need a repair. He did an excellent job on cleaning out the pond which is now clear again and the fish seem happy. Thoroughly recommend this young man who is a credit to the team.

Sylvia Nicoll
Bury St Edmunds

We went into their shop not knowing what we needed to up-grade our existing tank, but Andy talked us through the options and explained everything to us very clearly. Dan was also very helpful and we cannot thank them enough as we now have a lovely aquarium set up in our home. Aftercare was also very good as we had a few questions about the installation and they even sent us some spare hose. So thank you guys very much.

Elizabeth Smith
Hadleigh, Essex

Second visit in 2 weeks. First for koi: this time Tropical. The staff's knowledge is second to none and quality/cleanliness is superb. Recommend 100% and often do.

Ian Bonham
June 2019

Alfie from Home and Garden Aquatics came and cleaned my 5,000 ltr, which is filled with wildlife from newts to dragonfly larvae. He was very careful to gently remove all the fish, water snails etc. He then drained the pond and after thoroughly cleaning it - replaced the water and the wildlife and replanted all my pond plants. A big job expertly executed. Alfie is a friendly and very knowledgable young man as are the shop staff who offer great advice.

Bury St. Edmunds
July 2019

Dan has just spent a very hot few hours sorting out my garden pond that has had very little attention for about 15 years ! He did a brilliant job to drain it and clean it out completely, instal a new pump and filter and leave it in virtually new condition. He was very thorough and did an excellent job.

Peter Whitehead
Sudbury, Suffolk

We called in on Andy and Dan to see if they could help our young daughter make her fish-tank safe for her fish. They were so helpful and spent loads of time explaining to her how to set-up a healthy aquarium and care for her fish: they even gave her some gravel and water from their own tanks to replace her unsafe combination. These guys are so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and they're brilliant at teaching children.
Thank you so much Andy & Dan - fantastic service.

Sandra Swann
Bury St. Edmunds

Dan and the team have been extremely helpful with expert advice and time;from the moment we walked in the shop we knew this was the place to purchase our aquarium. We were not pressurised into buying but were seriously impressed with the fountain of knowledge. We've just introduced the first batch of fish and we know the team will be with us all the way with support and advice. Fabulous customer service.

Jamie Cocksedge
Bury St. Edmunds

By far the best fish & Aquatics shop in the area. Very friendly and knowledgable staff always happy to help. On top of being my tropical fish supplier they are also fantastic at outdoor ponds. Would recommend them all day long.

Mark Saunders

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